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Cat ‘Demanding’ to be Watered Like a Plant Leaves Internet in Stitches

A cat named Ellie’s reaction to wanting to be showered with water just like a plant has charmed the internet.

The now-viral Reddit post, titled, “My cat demanding to be watered like a plant,” has been upvoted 10,300 times with 100 comments since it was shared on June 30. Redditor @Queen_of_winter shared the post to the subreddit “Animals Being Derps ,” and people can’t get enough of the furry feline’s love of water.

The 13-second clip began with the brown striped cat meowing outside as she faced some plants.

“What do you want? You want to get watered?” the original poster (OP) asked her cat in the clip.

Suddenly the nozzle of a watering can came into view. “Is this what you want?” she asked. “OKAY.”

The woman walked over to the cat, calling her name as the cat meowed again quite a few times. The OP then gently let the water drip down, flowing onto the cat from the watering can, which seemed to calm the kitty down.

“Oh you’re purring?” the OP asked as she kept pouring water out onto Ellie who faced the stream and then groomed herself as the water slowed to a trickle.

There was also already evidence of water splashes on the sidewalk already, so this must not be a new thing for Ellie.

A cat “demanding” to be watered like a plant has left the Internet in stitches. Here, a cat is seated while looking up amidst a green background.

Cats are beloved family pets that millions of people have in their homes. In fact, in the United States alone there are 45.3 million households with a cat, according to Statista.

People like to treat their pets too, and a Harris Poll in 2020 conducted for TD Ameritrade found that cat owners spend $329 on average on food for their cats every year. Vet care and vaccinations for felines cost $125, whereas supplies not including food amounted to $89. Pet insurance was also an expense, clocking in at $57 a year. Grooming for cats was $26, and other expenses included: gifts and “splurge items” at $24, clothing and accessories at $16, kenneling or daycare at $13, and training at $8 a year.

Cats are known for their dislike of water, and Newsweek has previously reported the various reasons why they don’t like it, such as because of their ancestry living in dry desert areas and their own internal body temperature being 98.1 to 102.1 degrees Fahrenheit coupled with their desire to stay warm. In addition, a cat’s predatory nature also comes into play since a wet coat can make the animal cold and “can pose a risk to safety as it limits flexibility and mobility,” expert Pam Johnson-Bennett from Cat Behavior Associates told Newsweek.

In addition, getting wet can remove a cat’s own scent, and water has chemicals and “dissolved matter” that a cat’s nose can detect, so cats stay away from water since they don’t want to become “contaminated” with the smells. Plus, they wouldn’t want their personal scent that they’re always rubbing everywhere to come off in the water either. Past experiences with water can affect a cat’s desire to go near it again as well.

Redditors commented on the video of the cat being watered like a plant, and many seem to approve of the wholesome moment. “This little kitty cat wants to bathe,” a user said. “Love his reaction.”

Another thinks the cat is “broken,” adding, “Got [to] send it back to the cat factory for repairs.”

Other people had jokes about the viral cat enjoying the shower. “Catcus,” one Redditor chimed in, while another called it, “Spectacular.”

Some saw the humor in the cat’s love of water. “Aww, what an adorable funny girl,” a Redditor chimed in.

One user called the situation “definitely derpy,” while another Redditor revealed their cat “would have fled with the speed of light even before the first drop was out.”

Cats are usually known for hating water, so the cat in the video is a surprising sight for some. “Water-loving cats are very rare,” a user said. “Only one I’ve ever seen was my grandmother’s.”

However, some cats do enjoy water just like Ellie. “Lol, my cat does this with the spray bottle every morning,” a Redditor expressed. “And her whole day is just ruined if she doesn’t get watered.”

One user mentioned the cat might be hot, and the OP replied by saying, “She was steps away from an open door to the much cooler house, so she actively chose being watered over going inside.”

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @Queen_of_winter for comment.

This isn’t the only viral moment involving cats. A man “ambushed” by cats while rescuing a kitten has delighted the Internet. A senior cat demanding to be spooned every night is melting hearts. In addition, a “chillin’ kitty” is being praised for utilizing a fan during a heat wave.

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