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Cherbourg. A novelty to fight more effectively against the proliferation of stray cats

The 40 En Chats association carried out a “punch” action this Friday in Cherbourg (Manche). (©La Manche Press)

Fight against proliferation from stray cats it is not a small thing. In particular, the complex regulatory framework surrounding this activity. Legal difficulties that can sometimes represent a source of tension between the different actors involved.

For several years, the 40 En Chats association has estimated that the City Council of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (Some) “refuses to apply the law relating to the kenneling” of furry animals.

Stray cats, when they are social and unidentified, must be placed in the kennel, in this case the Tollevast SPA, to be cared for and then offered for adoption. The municipality of Cherbourg has entrusted this mission to the municipal police, who often refuse to move to get the cats to safety.

Natalie Arnaudassociation volunteer

A “punch” action

To make their discontent heard, five volunteers from the association landed this afternoon friday march 25 in front of the town hall of Cherbourg. With a black and white cat, in a carrier bag, in poor health. According to them, they have been asking the city council for two months to do what is necessary to take care of him, as well as two other cats that they planned to bring back as part of this “fist action”.

The association also threatened not to renew Convention signed with the city council, through which it is in charge of catching stray cats. “We no longer want to play the role of trapper and beater, we don’t have the means! Therefore, we wanted to know the steps to follow to allow placement in the pound. »

The fight against animal abuse, a priority in Cherbourg

Details that Pierre-François Lejeune, deputy in charge of hygiene, security and public tranquility, did not fail to provide, somewhat surprised to meet the members of the association in front of the town hall while a meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, March 29 to clarify the regulatory framework.

Finally, a dare meeting was organized this Friday, to find solutions to the situation. If the three cats that the association wanted to bring to the town hall will be quickly “treated and pampered” at the SPA, the fight against feline proliferation is also advancing.

There are concrete proposals on the table, we were able to have a constructive dialogue. The fight against animal abuse is a priority in Cherbourg, with human and financial resources. For stray cats, we provide grants to associations such as 40 En Chats. We also have an agreement with 30 Millions d’Amis, and we have a €100,000 contract with SPA.

Pierre Francois Lejeune

A pedagogy to lead

Among the avenues considered, offering a better readability residents about the regulations on stray cats. “There is pedagogical work to be done. We remind the neighbors of the procedures, the obligation to identify their cat and the need to sterilize it, when they are not respected. We are even ready to intervene if necessary, even to capture the Prosecutor, ”adds the elected official.

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With this in mind, a flowchart should be finalized and posted on the City’s website during the next week. This educational document will allow everyone, associations, municipalities and neighbors, to see more clearly how to act in the situation in which a stray cat finds itself.

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