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Does astrologer Conny Nagel unmask the stars?

With ambiguous clues and well-disguised clues, it’s not so easy to see which stars are hiding under the #MaskedSinger masks. Now there is a new puzzle approach! Astrologer Conny Nagel reviews the evidence on a weekly basis and has made initial thoughts on the possible zodiac signs of the masks.

Das “The Masked Singer”-Horoskop

Please note: Conny Nagel’s musings on “The Masked Singer” relate purely to the evidence and appearance of the masks, not the stars underneath. The astrologer also does not know who is really under the masks. Therefore, analyzes may deviate from the celebrity’s actual star sign.

With “The Masked Singer,” every approach, however crazy, can lead to a breakthrough in guesswork. Are the stars pointing you in the right direction?

the orc

The orc tracks point to the zodiac sign steinbock there. Yes, the Capricorn is often unable to get out of his skin. He likes to mutter to himself, he likes to retreat to his cave like Stone Age man and he walks alone. “Leave me all my peace!” He can really offend his fellow man with this. The typical Capricorn doesn’t need much and is frugal. Oh yes, when it comes to learning languages, he may not be the best. But when the grammar and such are in place, he turns out to be a linguistic genius.

In the clip: tracks for the orc.

The zebra

The two mottos of the zebra “I make the world the way I like it” and “Don’t take life so seriously!” indicate the zodiac sign Wasserman there. Not surprisingly, Aquarius reigns over the carnival and the carnival season. He is the fool among the zodiac signs. Aquarius is a lovable little friend who cares little about fashion or other trends. He prefers to swim against the current. He prefers to set his own trends. Red, green, orange hair or a funky and motley style of dress are typical and common for Aquarius, that makes them unique.

the starfish

The starfish in its dazzling costume plunges into the colorful underwater world and dreams of a great career as a theater star. She prefers to keep a low profile rather than swim in the front row. Typical Krebs and fish. Both of them Krebs just like him fish they are not daredevils who are constantly looking for a big ticket. Both zodiac signs like to hide in their own dream world and illusion. However, neither zodiac sign should ever be underestimated. Cancers and Pisces are enormously creative and artistic. Because when Cancer and Pisces get their chance, they know how to put themselves in the spotlight and wow their audience with ahs and ohs. They are guaranteed to get applause.

The disco ball and the koala

This time, the clues about the koala are still too ambiguous to be assigned to a zodiac sign.

The same goes for the disco ball. If the viewers vote for the skins in the next episode, I will of course analyze the new information. Perhaps the stars allow more conclusions to be drawn about the stars below.


The Milky Way, the galaxies, the infinite extension of the universe to travel galactically at great speed and the question “about extraterrestrial life” speak for two zodiac signs in Galax’Sis: to protect and Wasserman. the to protect he loves giant and oversized. It is everywhere and nowhere, but rarely in one place for long. He also likes to stick his nose in everywhere and likes to investigate. After all, you have to be informed. Oh yeah, he doesn’t believe everything he’s offered either. He prefers to weave together his own web of opinions.

Tempo, Tempo and Avanti, Avanti – that’s it Wasserman. Like a jet plane, he races through his universe at the speed of sound. As an individualist, join forces with a group of like-minded people and make galaxies unsafe as an alien.


The mischievous seagull, who does not get many laughs from his audience with his flat jokes, but makes a name for himself with an ingenious business idea, which fits with two signs of the zodiac, these are: the zwilling and Wasserman. the clever zwilling he is the brilliant speculator. He knows exactly how to turn dirt into gold. Instead, the fool wants Wasserman entertain, entertain, entertain. If he can. The only problem is that not everyone always gets his sense of humor.

the devil of thorns

Behind the hard shell and terrifying appearance of the thorny devil lies a soft core. That goes very well with skorpion. The typical Scorpio exudes respect and power, closes down, withdraws, that doesn’t always go down well. That is why Scorpio likes to offend his fellow man. He polarizes. However, deep down he is very sensitive and vulnerable. Why does no one recognize that?

The gorilla

Luxury, pomp, wealth, a castle, that’s typical Lion. The lion feels special. He likes to brag about what he has: my Rolls-Royce, my yacht, my Rolex, my lock. He also loves the grand entrance. The stage is his house. And work hard? It does not have to be. After all, as the king of beasts, you let others do the work.

Astrologer Conny Nagel presented

Conny Nagel is a passionate and vital astrologer. You can say that too. With a lot of joy, openness, without esoteric flourishes, she advises in her own counseling practice people who are stuck in their work, in their relationships or financially. Conny Nagel has been dealing with astrology since she was young and can’t get away from it. Conny Nagel is married with an older daughter and an older son. Bolonka’s dog, Kiki, is also part of the family. Conny Nagel lives and works in Süßen in Baden-Württemberg.

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