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Dogs and cats to adopt with the SPA de l’Eure, in Évreux

Every week, discover three residents of the shelter of the Ebroïcienne association for the protection of animals. They introduce themselves in an attempt to find a new family.


Hello, my name is Cookie. I am almost 3 years old, I am a Creole girl recently arrived from Guadeloupe. Am I not pretty enough to eat? As soon as I arrived, I immediately understood that the volunteers who came to see me at my box only wanted me well. So I showed them how happy I was to see them! I know how to show all my gratitude and I literally explode with joy, I am so happy to have contact with people! When someone picks me up for a ride, I jump around and show how happy I am to be alive! On a walk, I discover this new environment, which is completely new to me, and when my volunteer tickles me, I’m in heaven! What more could you want? Attention, walks and big hugs, that’s all I ask to continue my little life together with people I will love until my last breath (as far as possible, of course!). So if you are as excited as I am to discover a new life and want to integrate me into your family, come quickly and meet me at the refuge where I will be happy to make you happy! »


Hi, I’m Edgar. I come as my friend Cookie from this island called Guadeloupe. I was found wandering around a tourist site and captured after many weeks of taming, out of breath, ready to die almost two years ago! My rescuers noticed that I had demodicosis (skin problem) all over my body. I was then extremely thin and exhausted. After being cared for, fed and rested, I had to learn about the comfort, tenderness, love and security of a home, and it wasn’t easy every day. My suspicious and self-protective side, which was due to a life of loneliness and pain, turned out to be a concern that had to be worked through with a strict process established by a behaviorist from Guadeloupe. But in the end it was worth it and I ended up enjoying the company of the bipeds. Since then, you should know, I’ve been on medication, possibly for life. »


“I am Scotty, a ginger cat, a little adventurous, ready to get out of my box every time the volunteers visit me. I am a sporty cat and I am also all muscle, which does not prevent me from having a great sweet tooth. I like to be perched and receive all the attention. I like to talk and have lots of hugs. »

Scotty declared the cat AIDS and leukosis which makes him very fragile, exhausted and in need of calm, a healthy place. Scotty goes through ups and downs, to feel better he needs a home. Unfortunately, Scotty is doomed and will sooner die alone in the shelter than with a loving family. Possibilities of being a permanent or respite foster family if you do not want to adopt him but save him.

Two hundred dogs and cats await a dedicated master at the Évreux Humane Society. They can be adopted in exchange for a sum that covers veterinary expenses. Dog with chip, vaccinated and neutered: €190; chipped, vaccinated and sterilized bitch: €260; neutered, vaccinated and chipped cat: €110; Cat sterilized, vaccinated and chip: €160. Arrangements are possible in the case of the adoption of older dogs and cats. Bring recent ID and proof of address.

Refuge de la Censurière: 17, rue de Huest, in Évreux. Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tel. 02 32 39 07 17.

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