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Fishing enthusiasts, young and old, participate in the annual restocking of trout | News, Sports, Jobs

CHASE BOTTORF/THE EXPRESS Conservationist Alexis Arkright is about to dump a bucket full of trout into Kettle Creek.

KETTLE CREEK — More than two truckloads of trout have been stored at Kettle Creek for the upcoming season.

The Clinton County Conservation District held their annual pre-season stocking that began just below Cross Fork yesterday, March 25.

Two and a half truckloads of trout were ready to be dumped into the creek and streams of northern Clinton County, for the 2022 trout season that begins April 2.

Children and fishing enthusiasts participated in collecting buckets full of fish to throw into their new home along Kettle Creek and Cross Fork. A convoy of vehicles followed the trucks full of trout throughout Kettle Creek, making periodic stops at designated dumping sites.

“There are LOTS of fish we are stocking today,” said Watershed Conservation Officer Darrell Miller, who helped coordinate the operation. “Usually with pre-season stocking, we try to get the fish in, acclimate them to all of that before the season starts. We also do it in season, but not as much”.

CHASE BOTTORF/THE EXPRESS Conservationists and families prepare to dump preseason trout.

Miller was unable to say the exact number of fish that were stocked. However, there was a higher amount just for the full bucket alone.

Part of Miller’s current jurisdiction covers about three or four townships in northern Clinton County, which includes the Kettle Creek and Renovo area. He said that during planting season, it’s a pretty busy time for the conservation district.

“Right now it’s a pretty busy time for us, I’m stocking 4 or 5 days a week usually. Sometimes it’s an all-day affair, which is fine. It’s part of the job and a good time, plus you get to go out after everyone’s been hiding all winter and meet everyone.” Miller said.

And none had a better time than those fishermen who participated in the annual party.

CHASE BOTTORF/THE EXPRESS Several children and adults participate in the pre-season trout dump at Kettle Creek.

CHASE BOTTORF/THE EXPRESS A conservation officer is about to dip a bucket into the back of a truck to catch trout for transfer to the creek.

CHASE BOTTORF/THE EXPRESS Watershed Conservation Officer Darrell Miller speaks to a group of fishing enthusiasts.

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