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Ikonisys announces the development of optimized FISH probes with Empire Genomics


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( — ikonisys , a company specializing in early detection and precision of cancer with a unique and fully automated solution for medical diagnostic laboratories, announces the development of optimized FISH probes with Empire Genomics. Cela allows us to use Ikoniscope20 to obtain the best results possible from multiple different FISH tests. The ikoniscope20 of Ikonisys is a numerical fluorescence microscope point system with the ambition of automating and ameliorating the work of pathology laboratories. This plateform is a combination of materials, software and exclusive reagents.

Along with constant improvement, Ikonisys has collaborated with Empire Genomics to believe in optimized probes that offered to clients of Ikoniscope20 superior results and best practices. They are sondes produisent des images plus nettes et de meilleures performances in terms of precision et de rapidité lorsqu’elles sont utilisées avec l’Ikoniscope20. “This collaboration allows the creation of a “drop-in” FISH test solution for clinical laboratories”, declared Michael Bianchi, director of the Empire Genomics laboratory. “The sondes sont fournies dans an mélange optimisé de colorant/concentration pour obtain de résultats cohérents avec l’Ikoniscope20. Cela fournit une autre option pour le domaine de l’imagerie et de l’analyse FISH automatisée which will be better for our clients in terms of performance and value.”

Optimized probes were manufactured exclusively for Ikonisys and were sold that were used for the Ikoniscope20 system in North America. The company will propose to all its future clients, also fournissant a fully integrated technological platform that includes materials, software and consumables, as it was evoked by the bourse’s introduction. Cette stratégie a déjà été anticipate avec the sale of the combination Ikoniscope20 et réactifs à Comprehensive Urology, which, knowing the quality of the results, is the first client to test the new réactifs for the detection of cancerous cells of the vessie.

Mario Crovetto, PDG d’Ikonisys, declared: “We are new to our collaboration with Empire Genomics who are successful after the sale of the combination Ikoniscope20 and réactif à Comprehensive Urology. Maintenant que nous avons prouvé l’efficacité de Our strategy to sell a fully integrated platform to our clients, our prochain objective is to have our portfolio of other early detection tests that tell us that cancers of the heart and pockets. Clients clearly benefit from the complete capabilities of automation, integration and interpretation of données, allowing them to obtain the results of superior quality and improve the productivity of laboratories. Nous restons très actifs dans le domaine des tests FISH et nous sommes prêts à aboarder le marché à forte croissance des CTC/Biopsie liquide avec la même stratégie d’une plateform and complete.”


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