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Indigo Birds: “We can’t wait to defend our first album”

The Lexovian quartet of musicians released their first album, titled “The Influence Of Loneliness” at the end of January 2022. (©Boom Country)

The Indigo bird group is identified with a unique and innovative indie rock record. The members of the quartet grew up in Lisieux (Calvados) and they met precisely in the “La Double Croche” room. The group organized a concert at Mosaïc on Friday, February 11, 2022. Clément Barbier recounts the birth of his first album.

News: What prompted you to release your album The Influence Of Loneliness?

Clement Barbier: The idea of ​​releasing our first album had been around for a while. With the lockdown, we were no longer able to play our songs live. We wanted our songs to be broadcast and heard. For two years we had accumulated enough songs and chained several recording sessions to assemble them into an album.

How did you work on that?

BC: Valentin Barbier, Martin Mabire and Léonard Bance are multi-instrumentalist musicians. They are not necessarily tied to any particular instrument. There is a lot of touring in the group. They play drums as much as keyboards or bass. I’m a singer and guitarist in the band and I write the lyrics. It is a collaborative work. Other members read me back to suggest ideas. It is important that everyone is there so that everyone contributes their stone to the building.
Also, we had already created our independent music group at the beginning of our graduate studies. It was called “Monkey to the moon” and consisted of mostly the same members. 3 years ago, the group stopped and “Indigo Birds” was born. The name does not have a particular meaning, it seemed quite poetic to us, and that it had the peculiarity of being pronounced without difficulty in French. We decided to form this quartet for fun and professionally. We started recording songs together, doing concerts and releasing singles on the Internet.

What is the theme of the album?

BC: The album “The Influence Of Loneliness” evokes loneliness, both negatively and positively. He talks about daydreaming, anxiety, depression and malaise. We all build the record each in our corner. The nocturnal and melancholy atmosphere are the common threads since our music tries to be alive, feel physically and speak to the heart.

Did you take inspiration from other artists to write the album?

BC: Obviously. The love for certain artists makes us want to write. For our songs, we draw inspiration from the music of the 1970s, such as David Bowie, through Ennio Morricone’s movie soundtracks and the energy of Daft Punk and trip-hop. The Influence of Loneliness is the meeting of melodic universes, almost disco and electro but also with a rock air. We had promised ourselves not to close ourselves to a particular musical genre or put up barriers.

What is your favorite song on the album?

BC: I personally find the track A Shark In Da Pool to be the most successful on the album. I managed to express my original intention through this song. It releases a lot of feelings and expresses the mood I was in when I wrote it.

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What can we wish you for the year 2022?

BC: We can’t wait to defend our album on stage. Coming soon, we are organizing a concert in Caen (Calvados) at the Cargö on April 27, 2022 and we are working on some dates in Paris. We want our album to live as long as possible. We would like the album to catch the ears of as many people as possible and for the public to enjoy listening to it again. We want to bring it to life through concerts and festivals, especially since we have had good feedback from the public. At the moment, we are really focused on this project. We are already preparing the second album.

The album is available on all streaming and legal download platforms.

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