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Night cat: so that both of you sleep through the night.

Is your little velvet paw a real sleepyhead and very quiet during the day? then yours cat determined often appeared at night and therefore night. Unfortunately, that is the nature of cats. However, there are things you need to do to make sure your cat sleeps through the night with you. With these five tips and a little patience, it will definitely work.

Patricia is a proud mother cat. Photo: Patricia Neuman

Our author Patricia is a passionate cat mom and therefore our cat expert. All the tips you find here have been tested by her and her cat Lio beforehand.

Night cat: these are the reasons and solutions

1. Play with your cat

No matter how your cat behaves: It is always important to play with cats. You have to remind the tigritos of the house over and over again that they are little hunters. This way, your cat can release energy and you treat him in a species-appropriate way.

To keep your cat well-rested for a good night’s sleep, you should at least one hour a day play when not an outdoor cat. Cat toys that your cat can play with on its own can also be used. Try to imitate hunting with small toys, this will make them happier.

Bonus points are there if you get them really exercise before going to sleep. If you don’t want to defend it, you can use a laser pointer. However, you need to make sure there is a sense of accomplishment at the end to mimic the hunt, this works on the scratcher too.

Clicker training is also worthwhile for employment. Just like dogs, your cat learns different commands. This will increase your cat’s self-confidence and bond with you.

2. Leave some food out overnight

Cats always eat in the wild. several small meals and not like us several big ones. This is because, in the wild, they tend to eat smaller animals like mice. Since you can quickly times 10 to 20 meals Will. So leave some food overnight standing up so your cat can have a small snack at midnight.

3. Set clear rules

It’s not your cat’s fault that it’s nocturnal. After all, in the wild they also like to hunt at night to catch their prey. However, clear rules will help your house cat.. For example, get your cat used to a closed bedroom door and ignore meowing, at least at night. Just when you know everything is fine.

4. Pay attention

Sometimes the reason can also be very simple, as if your cat needs attention. A few hits or a short game can help. In any case, be sure to give your cat enough attention during the day give. If all else fails, your cat may need a furry playmate.

5. Let him cuddle up with you under the covers.

If you need some fresh air at night and turn off the heat, your cat can get cold quickly. In this case, cats like to curl up under the covers. So it is better to leave them under the covers.

A little hint: no matter how hot you are at night, you should not leave the window open without proper safety precautions. A tilted window can also be very dangerous for your cat, causing serious injury.

6. Have a clear routine

Just like us, cats like a routine that they can get used to. This includes fixed feeding times, play times and other habits. With a clear and fixed routine, your cat will also get used to fixed bedtimes.

7. Ignore

If your cat meows over and over again and you have taken all measures, there is only one thing left: ignore! If your cat always it meows again and you ignore it, realizes that it is useless. Therefore, as the owner, he must have staying power.

We wish you and your cat a restful night!

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