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Testimony: how an abandoned cat changed my life

I share my life with my lover, Olivier, and our two cats. Our ground-floor apartment overlooks the residence’s garden, and that night I came face to face with a cat outside my window. A woman. Our eyes meet, her caramel-colored hair is in firecracker, she is very skinny and is hiding near a low wall. Olivier and I know all the animals in the residence, but we had never seen her before. She looks messed up… The next day, she’s still there, but she won’t let herself get close. Impossible to see if he is tattooed. I watch him through binoculars from my window, we put croquettes in front of his hiding place.

Pick up a sick stray cat

After three days, he hasn’t moved and seems to be getting weaker. I call the town hall, which sends me back to the kennel. He explains to me that she is not going to intervene because the cat does not disturb public order… I’m sorry: there is an urgency. I post an ad on Wanted, a supportive community, and receive addresses fromabandoned cat association. There is one who answers me, Animegaux, and explains: “All the associations and host families are saturated. There’s been a lot ofCat adoptions during lockdown, but many dropouts later… So what do we do? We already have two cats… “Here we have twenty in 50mtwo… We can lend you a special cage to catch him, then we will cover the vet costs, but you will have to keep him at home while he recovers.”

One last look in my binoculars, my heart says: OK! Within two days, she was dead. We set up the cage in front of Plume’s hideout, the name we found for our little protégé. From the window, we watch like hunters, waiting for him to take the bait, a big cake in the middle of the cage. Three hours later, we hear a “clack”: that’s it! 10pm: In the pouring rain, we head out with motorcycle gloves, big boots, and rags around our arms, ready to face off. If the neighbors don’t think we’re crazy after that… But right now, we don’t think about that. We concentrated on transporting Plume to the apartment, in another cage provided by the association.

A sometimes complicated period of adaptation

She seems calm enough, but when Olivier opens the cage to slip in some food, she quickly escapes and climbs up the walls. Panic! Olivier ends up catching him, but he is covered in scratches. The next day, the verdict fell on the vet: “In two days, it was all over. She had a miscarriage that didn’t evacuate, and the fleas on her devastate her.” We also learned that at the age of 2 she has always lived on the street. She is a unweaned pussy in other words, she did not have her mother near her after the birth. Anyway, there is good news: she does not have any disease.

Back home, we let her rest. One question remains: will it be sociable? There are cats that never get to be… We put her in the bathroom to isolate her from our cats, but after two days we felt that she needed contact, and we moved the cage to the living room. When Olivier puts on music, she sticks her head in with curiosity in her eyes. He watches everything about her and hides less and less when you get close to her. She impresses us: she already responds to her name and immediately understood the rubbish principle! She doesn’t scratch or bite… As if she wants to make things easy for us. After a week, we managed to pet her. She Not only does she get carried away, but she wants more!

A much cuter cat than it seems

The following week, we let her walk around the apartment. She spends her days hiding, but she comes out at night, until the day she approaches us to hug us. And she won’t let us go. The next night she even sleeps with us. But there is a big problem: she constantly hunts our other two cats. She advises us to wait three weeks, time that each delimits her territory. But our cats are more and more scared, we feel them about to “leave”, we are worried. We cut the apartment in two: Plume in the living room, the other two in the bedroom.

Now that we’re attached to her, it’s hard, but we know: we won’t be able to keep her… An incredible meeting “Playful, tender, adorable, sweet…” I’m writing an ad for the ‘cat adoption association and social networks. After Plume’s nightmare, she deserves the best of families. I get a phone call just twenty-four hours later: “Hello my name is Lucie, my boyfriend and I want to adopt a cat and we like Plume, can we drop by at the end of the day?” Of course ! But when I hang up, I break. I didn’t think I would have to part with him so quickly. Lucie and her boyfriend ring the doorbell, and when I open it, I lean in: I recognize them immediately. And for good reason: Lucie and Julien, I have been following them on the networks for seven years! They are both talented illustrators, they look happy, in love and they live in a beautiful house. They represent my “dream goal” for me, who just quit another food job to pursue illustration. Plume, normally shy, immediately walks up to them and lets herself be hugged.

Lucie and Julien have stars in their eyes: “She is magnificent!” When they leave, I am touched and relieved. I bring Plume to them the following week and we meet in her living room overlooking the sea. It must have been for a coffee… I stay for three hours: we talk about our favorite illustrators, Lucie’s book, Julien’s exhibition, and they even insist on seeing my work. So nice ! Two weeks later, a phone call from Lucie, I panic: is there something wrong with Plume? “No, I loved you offer a job...” Absolutely! Six months later, thanks to this incredible boost (I have gained 5000 followers since Lucie shared my work on Insta), the contracts are linked and I am finally living on my passion. With Olivier we have just signed the purchase of a house by the sea Start a new life and it’s thanks to Plume!

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