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The Torrent Of The Elden Ring Horse was able to attack

A Youtuber unearthed cut elden ring content that would have allowed Torrent the Horse to attack enemies and perform other activities in the vast open world game. The massive action RPG title that took the gaming world by storm sold over twelve million copies in the month following its release. Players are still discovering the game’s many secrets, but some fans are already creating additional content for elden ring with amazing speed from a very active modding community.

Good that elden ring Supposed to be over a hundred hours of gameplay, modders have found ways to add even more to enjoy the game. Various mods have changed the title significantly. A mod sees the game’s magnificent bosses battle it out for supremacy. On the other hand, another mod went so far as to revamp every elden ring character, resulting in crazy battles like Homer Simpson vs. Shrek. In addition to adding or modifying items in the game files, a Youtuber discovered cut content that appears to have been removed prior to the game’s release.

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One of the best new horses in the game, elden ring Torrent, previously had more animations and even powerful game attack hack before its release. reported via GameSpotthe watchful eye of the youtuber Zullie the witch has already found many secrets and has cut the content of elden ring and many other Soulsborne titles. Examining the game’s network test request code, Zullie was able to find animations that suggested the horse may have previously existed separately from the player. Torrent currently only exists in the game when the player summons it, then magically dissipates after the player jumps. There were animations for Torrent to eat grass, shake his glorious mane, and even back up with an attack that would throw the smallest opponents in the game.

Players can use almost all weapons and spells in elden ring while riding a horse. This allows players to already have a wide variety of combat options in addition to a Torrent Kick. But as the Youtube video points out, it would have been a lot of fun to successfully line up an attack using the knight kick. Perhaps one of the most talented. elden ring Modders will find a way to optionally modify the attack and other Torrent animations in the game.

The difference between elden ring and so many other open world games available to gamers today is that elden ring doesn’t overload players with a messy world map or collectibles. Instead, it allows players to discover things for themselves. elden ring it’s packed with more than enough to keep a lot of fans busy. But modders and content creators like Zullie the Witch are always finding new and interesting things hidden in the game code. elden ring more fun, it’s only a matter of time before someone finds a way to integrate them into the game.

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elden ring is available for purchase on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows.

Source: GameSpot, Zullie the Witch/Youtube

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