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War in Ukraine. Dogs, cats… What kind of welcome for the faithful companions of the exiled refugees?

This is unprecedented data in a humanitarian crisis. In the middle of the war, the Ukrainians leave with their pet. You have to find suitable accommodation in France and provide them with croquettes.

Never without my furball! Even in the midst of war, Ukrainians leave with their pet.

At Lublin airport in Poland, Ukrainian women fleeing bombing have little luggage, they have left everything behind. Anna, 15, laments: “I left my cats, my dogs, my grandmother, my uncles, my whole family and relatives in Ukraine! It was really difficult.”

A girl was able to go out with her dog, it is installed in the cart with the luggage. she caresses him, a way to calm down when embarking on the unknown.

Because pets are part of the family. Some refuse to leave Ukraine if their favorite animal is not part of the trip.

Eric Goldinger, D.Deputy Director of the Departmental Council of the Maritime Alps it was in charge of the exfiltration of 148 Ukrainian refugees. Mainly women and children because men remain mobilized from 18 to 60 years old.

For him, this is unprecedented data in a humanitarian crisis. A fact that the authorities had to take into account as a matter of urgency.

When leaving, the animals had to be put in order: cats and dogs have the right to travel in Europe, to take the plane but with a vaccination passport. A passport that is all the more important as it Anger still rife in Ukraine. Except not every refugee had one.

But in the face of the emergency, an exception today allows any Ukrainian refugee who enters the European Union to be welcomed in France with his animal.

Because in normal times, dogs and cats from Ukraine entering the European Union must habitually meet the following regulatory requirements:

  • identified animal;
  • animal validly vaccinated against rabies;
  • animal titled with a favorable result -3 months before importation;
  • accompanied by an original health certificate.

Leaving Lublin, they boarded four dogs, six cats and a guinea pig. The owner of one of the puppies did not have the vaccination certificate in his possession, but the prefectural veterinary services agreed to let him fly with his owner. On one condition, that she take him in for a consultation as soon as possible.

At the Nice Côte d’Azur airport, we met Nadia, who had fled the Mykolaiev attacks with her two children.

Since her arrival, her son has been educated in sixth grade in Mouans-Sartoux in the Alpes-Maritimes, her 9-year-old daughter soon to be. She had very little luggage, they had to leave in a hurry but she had time to catch the two Yorkshires and put them in a yellow box.

The two dogs therefore followed the same journey: by car to the border, then by bus to the airport (where a plane from the Alpes-Maritimes department took him) and by car to the Mouans-Sartoux accommodation.. There, the two Yorkshires can enjoy a garden after their trip.

On the contrary, p.For the supply of croquettes, the authorities had not planned anything. Marco Kostenko, your host, is in charge. Of Ukrainian origin, he is not surprised by the attachment of his compatriots to pets: “They are more respectful than in France, there is no abandonment of dogs and cats in Ukraine.”

Thousands of refugees crossed the border between Ukraine and Poland with cats, dogs, turtles or other animals, unable to bring himself to abandon them.

The authorities remind that the owners of the animals must, upon arrival, consult a veterinary doctor or contact the Departmental Directorate of the department in which they are housed.

An association called #VetsolidaireUkraine has been established between the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and Vétérinaires Pour Tous, so that the costs are covered, without advance payment by the refugee. This health protocol, which includes vaccination, ensures the protection of animal and public health. The goal is to prevent any health risk linked to these animal movements: zoonoses, rabies and possible trafficking.

There are pets that follow the same path as their masters… and there are those who stay in Ukraine. It is estimated that 900,000 domestic animals remained in Ukraine.

For this reason, on March 9, the Animal Assistance Foundation sent 4 tons of croquettes, blankets, transport cages and veterinary material thanks to the donations collected in the shelters of the region: Carros, Bellegarde and Toulon.

A Polish association must guarantee transportation and distribution in Ukraine. Ukrainian associations will travel to Poland to drop off animals and collect supplies.

The return of the trucks will not be empty: the animals will travel to French shelters to find comfort and safety before leaving.We reach other safer homes.

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