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Who wants to give shelter dog Jonny a chance?

Updated: 03/26/2022 – 11:03

looking for a loving home
Uneducated Rottweiler: Who wants to give Jonny a second chance?

Photo: Clara Rechenberg / Animal Shelter Berlin

Jonny is a cute but rather misbehaved Rottweiler, currently living in the Berlin Animal Shelter and looking for a new home.

The Berlin animal shelter is full of dogs and cats, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs and much more: around 1,400 animals live there and are waiting for a new home. Jonny too: Do ​​you want to give the dog a chance?

Why do animals continue to be abandoned? Hard to say: many are probably overwhelmed with care and have imagined that living together is easier or at least different. It is good that there are several animal shelters in Germany that take care of these poor creatures and take care of them.

But that is not permanent: there are simply too many animals; that is why these stations should only be a temporary place to stay. But you can help: Wouldn’t you like to give a dog, cat or other small animal a chance and offer them a loving environment? We regularly introduce residents of the animal shelter in berlin Today: Dog Jonny is looking for a new home.

Residents of an animal shelter in Berlin are looking for a home – today: dog Jonny

They are often so-called fighting dogs whose previous owners obviously did not treat them well and who were eventually seized for violating the Animal Welfare Act. Fortunately, because it can be assumed that the animals were not doing well before they were redeemed. This is how Jonny came to the animal shelter in Berlin, where he has been housed for about four and a half months.

The still young Rottweiler is quite dynamic, but unfortunately not yet trained. Jonny is a good guy, but he has yet to try and try everything. He is then usually quite aloof. In this sense, it is quite clear that Jonny needs clear and consistent leadership. But the little one is already tamed, and the young dog is already familiar with driving the car.

As already mentioned, Rottweilers can be found on the list of fighting dogs in some federal states. On the other hand, dogs of this breed are also usually trained by police, rescue and security services. They are also often selected as family dogs.

For Jonny, the Berlin animal shelter is looking for a home with people who have experience with the breed. The young man needs a level environment, because unfortunately he is already developing bilateral arthrosis of the hip joint, which needs to be monitored more thoroughly. Jonny receives free treatment for life at the veterinary practice in Berlin for hip dysplasia. The Rottweiler is only suitable for children to a limited extent: if there is someone living in the household, they must be at least 14 years old.

The clear profile of the dog Jonny

carrier number








date of birth

February 2021 (about 1 year)


California. 58cm


what. 40kg

in the shelter from

11. November 2021

Suitable for

people with racing experience with a ground level environment

not suitable for

Children under 14 years

The animal shelter employees are sure: Jonny will be a great loving companion for anyone who decides to get a dog, as long as the environment is right. Would you like to give it a home? Then contact your animal keepers at the Lassie-Haus at 030 / 76 888-220 or send an email to

Of course, not only Jonny is happy about a successful placement in a loving home: many other animals are waiting for him too! At you will find the animal residents as well as a lot of information about the animal shelter, for example how you can donate or volunteer, as well as a lot of useful information about adopting an animal.

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