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You Only Need A Few Hours To See All Of Branson’s Butterfly Palace

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  • Living Rainforest Science Center
  • Banyan Tree Adventure Room

If you are looking for beautiful scenery, fun movement opportunities, and unique family fun, Branson’s Butterfly Palace might just be the place for you. With five unique areas to choose from, The Butterfly Palace has an abundance of beauty and adventure to see and experience for guests of all ages. Check out the Exotic Butterfly Aviary with over 1,000 live exotic butterflies, or visit the Living Rainforest Science Center to see over 25 live reptiles and amphibians up close. If moving is more your style, explore the twists and turns of the Emerald Forest Mirror Maze or climb your way around rainforest obstacles in the Banyan Tree Adventure. Don’t forget to pop by the Rainforest Theater for your choice of two different 3D butterfly-themed movies to enjoy and the Base Camp Gift Shop for some yummy sweet treats or unique souvenir options during your visit here.



In the heart of Branson, Missouri, is a beautiful white statuesque building surrounded by bamboo and plant life and a stunning blue monarch butterfly marking the entrance. You have arrived at the one and only Butterfly Palace. Enter through the tall glass doors and take in the beautifully crafted two-story base camp and gift shop. Here you will find shirts, souvenirs, and goodies galore. You can also purchase wristbands here (good for three days) and gain entrance to all the other unique sections of the palace to explore.

Living Rainforest Science Center

Up the rainforest-themed stairs, guests will find the Living Rainforest Science Center, a section full of amphibians and reptiles of all kinds. Here you will find over 25 live reptiles and amphibians and information about how important this area is to all the rainforest creatures. There are interactive kiosks and displays, and you may even be able to see a Critter Encounter presentation or get to pet a real lizard.

As you explore these wonderful creatures on the top floor, you will soon come to a vine-laden entrance to the Emerald Forest Mirror Maze. Here you will find yourself in the middle of the rainforest in the evening, where just a dapple of sunlight can be found from time to time. Guests must wander around the hidden mirrored areas to find their way through the hanging vines and realistic mazes. Don’t be fooled by the vine-covered mirrors along the way; these are meant to trick you and turn you away from the path. Will you be able to find the way out?

When you finally come to the light of the exit, be sure to enjoy a quick game on the interactive game screen on the floor before you leave the area for some additional rainforest fun. As you walk through the doorway, be sure to look to your right and take in the beauty of a full-sized wall mural designed for this beautiful palace (and maybe even take a photo op, too!) and follow the second-floor walkway to enter the Banyan Tree Adventure Room.

Banyan Tree Adventure Room

This area is modeled after the Banyan Tree – the national tree of India – known best for its large green leaves and plethora of vines and offshoots that often grow in the rainforest. Here you will find a series of simulated vines from the tree dropping to the floor below to climb and explore to your heart’s delight. Work your way around the fallen rocks and pillars hidden here, and be sure to take part in the Bungee Adventure before you head toward the large double doors bringing you to the ultimate destination – the butterfly aviary.

Exotic Butterfly Aviary

Walk through the sets of double doors, and a staff member will be there to guide you through to the next section. Be careful of the double sets of doors here – you must close one set before opening the next so no wildlife leaves the safety of their enclosures during the visit. Grab a vibrant red nectar flower to hold as you walk through this beautiful tree-lined enclosed garden and experience the joy of feeding butterflies right from your own hand. In this beautiful area, guests can choose to sit on the butterfly bench and rest or walk around and watch the butterflies in their natural surroundings.

Complete with a full-size waterfall wall, exotic trees, and plant life, you will find butterflies of all different colors and sizes in this exotic aviary. There are even colorful glass flowers placed around the site for intermittent feeding between visits, where you can see butterflies of all colors gathering together to take a drink. In this location, you will find over 1,000 live butterflies featuring between 40 and 60 different rainforest species blending their unique shapes, colors, and sizes together in a display for all to enjoy.

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Depending on the time of year, you may also be able to take part in a butterfly release on-site. Here the staff of the aviary will introduce the different types of butterflies ready for release and hand out individual containers of newly emerged butterflies ready to be released by guests during their visit – what a beautiful and immersive experience! When you are ready to leave, head back out to the double doors and back towards the base camp, where souvenirs of all kinds await you to memorialize your trip.

The Rainforest Theater

As you head back to the main area, be sure to stop by the Rainforest Theater, where guests can watch educational and fun videos about the Hidden World of the Butterfly Palace and Flight of the Butterflies in 3D to learn more about these beautiful creatures. These areas are open throughout the day, so feel free to come back and visit any or all of these areas as many times as you’d like.

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How you visit and enjoy The Butterfly Palace is up to you. Take an hour, a whole day, or more since your wristband allows visitors to come back for up to 3 days at no additional charge (as long as you have your wristband). While you are here, be sure to take advantage of the beautiful photo opportunities spread throughout the palace, as well as the fun photo stand-ins of butterflies and their surroundings and Facebook outlines to post to your social media accounts. This beautiful location is open to the public year-round and welcomes guests for different themed events throughout the year.

Coming Events

2022 Photo Contest – May 1 – August 15, 2022

Submit your favorite Butterfly Palace Photos to have your photo featured in The Butterfly Palace for one whole year. The winner with the most online engagement will also receive up to 6 season passes for entry into The Butterfly Palace.


  • Kids – $15.95 (ages 4-12)
  • Adults $23.95 (ages 13-54)
  • Seniors $21.95 (ages 55+)
  • Season Pass is also available for $7.00 in the gift shop.

Admission Includes:

Unlimited access all day (or up to 3 days if you choose) to:

  • Exotic Butterfly Aviary
  • Living Rainforest Science Center
  • Banyan Tree Bungee Adventure
  • Emerald Forest Mirror Maze
  • Educational 3D Videos: The Hidden World of the Butterfly Palace and The Flight of the Butterflies

How To Visit

The Butterfly Palace

4106 76 Country Blvd,

Branson, MO 65616

Everyday 9am – 5pm

+1 (417) 332-2231



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